About us

CAREERSOSIMPLE is a website that makes students complex career decisions due to inexperience, more learning and work options they have after finishing compulsory education at 16 simple by providing them with absolutely necessary short but complete careers information careers information not commonly known covering the labour market theory and outlook, world of work, enterprise, further and higher education for them to learn free of charge and transform themselves into savvy teens and young adults that cannot be fooled by own illusions, appearances of courses and occupations on glossy prospectuses or job adverts, own boss fairy tales and ultimately choose respective careers and paths to them calmly and rationally.
It was created in 2014 in Nottingham, United Kingdom single-handedly by Aaron Dendero a former astute student and job hopper thereafter that saw a gap in the careers, education, information, advice and guidance programmes for a website that is concise and comprehensive.