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CAREERSOSIMPLE is a compendious careers education-slash-information website that gives students the all-important details that describe education, the world of work and enterprise honestly without hiding anything unpleasant only exceptional people that are both very good at noticing and understanding things that many others don't and have been around the block a few times will know about so that they can gain a solid background knowledge of the complex world beyond schooling without them setting a foot in any workplace and in turn use the aforementioned knowledge to make sense of the accompanying foreground information on courses, occupations plus career paths as a whole and ultimately make one respective career decision that is most accurate, apparent thorough and for the right reasons as without any doubt they will be too savvy as a result to be fooled by own career illusions, appearances of courses and occupations on glossy prospectuses, job advertisement gimmicks or own boss fairy tales.
It was created in Nottingham, United Kingdom single-handedly by Aaron Dendero. The idea came from his own frustration and despair as a remote mentor at the large number of overconfident, passive, shy or misconceived students (mentees) due to having inappropriate, inactive, insufficient or inaccurate background/prior careers knowledge respectively that are making interaction harder and his inability to reach as many as he wanted to.

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